JetForm unveils "Jaguar"

Agencies wanting to get a jump on streamlining processes and eliminating

paperwork via Web-based forms soon may look to a "jaguar" for help.

JetForm Corp. ( demonstrated its Jaguar e-forms Web pack,

at the FOSE trade show this week in Washington, D.C.

The product, in beta tests with several federal agencies and state governments,

automatically detects the browser type being used and presents the form

in the best way possible, said Andrew Bridge, vice president of North American

government operations at JetForm. He said he could not name the agencies

because of non-disclosure agreements.

Many government agencies, including the Social Security Administration,

the U.S. Postal Service and the Defense Department, use JetForm's "e-processes"


"Right now, government is trying to understand e-commerce, and our point

of view is that they need to be able to process information, get it and

send it somewhere," Bridge said.

Jaguar integrates device-independent, Extensible Markup Language-based forms

and electronic acknowledgment into a solution that can be integrated into

existing Web infrastructures, said product manager Peter Hanschke. Jaguar

requires no extra work from the end user. "It's all about reach, and you

can't burden the end user. People don't like that," he said.

Bridge said the ability to design the form only once on the back end and

then deploy it to any browser using any device is what puts Jaguar ahead

of its competition.

"Design once and deploy many," Bridge said. "You've got to look at the whole

picture — not just putting information up on the Web but [determining]

what else can you do with it, and that's what our [tools] provide."

Jaguar will be released in mid-May, and pricing will be available at that

time, said Sydney Sloan, the company's marketing and advertising manager.


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