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New Xerox color printer

Xerox Corp. announced today its new Phaser 750 color laser printer, which features a 200 MHz processor that delivers 16 black-and-white pages per minute or 5 pages per minute in color.

The estimated retail price for the Phaser 750 is $2,295. "We see it is a viable replacement for monochrome laser [printers] as well as color lasers," said Robin Wessel, strategic marketing manager for Xerox. The new printer will soon be available on the GSA schedule.

Xerox also has reduced the price of the Phaser 740 color printer by 25 percent to $1,495.

Quantex on schedule

Several products from Quantex Microsystems Inc., from PCs to World Wide Web caching devices, were recently added to the GSA schedule.

The company's WebXL appliances drew the most interest at last month's FOSE trade show, company officials said. The appliance was designed to remedy Web site slowdowns by storing frequently accessed Web pages closer to users.

Quantex hopes to appeal to those federal customers looking for a less expensive alternative to the large PC manufacturers, said Don Rodriguez, director of marketing at Somerset, N.J.-based Quantex.

SystemSoft utilities

SystemSoft Corp., a developer of Microsoft Corp. Windows utilities software, introduced two products at FOSE. CardWizard and CardWizard-Plus let users hot swap systems and peripherals at docking stations without having to reboot.

SystemSoft also introduced a ShutDown Utility for Windows NT that enables users to shut off the power from the system's Start menu, eliminating the need to wait for the shutdown cycle to finish and then manually turning off the machine. SystemSoft products are on the GSA schedule.


  • Social Media
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    They took all the tweets and put 'em in a tweet museum

    Twitter cancelled @realdonaldtrump, but the National Archives will bring presidential tweets back via the Trump library website.

  • Workforce
    Avril Haines testifies SSCI Jan. 19, 2021

    Haines looks to restore IC workforce morale

    If confirmed, Avril Haines says that one of her top priorities as the Director of National Intelligence will be "institutional" issues, like renewing public trust in the intelligence community and improving workforce morale.

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