Sprint services added to the General Services Administration's FTS 2001 contract:

Sprint services added to the General Services Administration's FTS 2001


* Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) services, which will increase the number

of ports, permanent virtual networks and user network interfaces (UNI) and

allow for the bundling of T-1 lines.

* Dedicated transmission services, which will provide high-quality, dedicated

bandwidth on an all-fiber-optic network for agency-specific networks and

mission-critical applications.

* High-speed frame-relay services that will increase the number of UNIs,

access speeds, port speeds and frame-relay services. They also will allow

agencies to receive and decipher information no matter what transportation

vehicle — such as an Internet service provider — is used.

* Internet Protocol services, which will allow access to the Internet, dial-in

access to local-area networks or host from a remote or mobile location.

They will also enable additional interfaces and the ability to order payload

data speeds that closely match the data rates needed.

* Managed network services, which will allow Sprint to design, manage and

implement an agency's network. Sprint will offer services ranging from managed

router service to managed hubs to managed ATM services.


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