Caches for many jobs

Proxy Server — An intermediary that fetches data from the Internet for users

in a private trusted network. A proxy server improves security by masking

the Internet Protocol address of resources inside that network.

Cache — A storage device that stores frequently accessed content locally

for quick access by users without traversing the wide-area network.

Forward Caching — Deployment of a cache or proxy cache on a local-area

network to store objects for use by clients on that LAN segment.

Reverse Caching — Storing frequently requested local content for quick

access by external users, eliminating the need for external requests to

the internal network.

Reverse Proxy — A device that sits in the DMZ (between the firewall

and the wide-area connection) and makes dynamic content requests on behalf

of incoming clients, providing an added security layer and masking internal

IP addresses.

Source: Meta Group Inc.


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