Gilmore outlines e-gov plan

Virginia Gov. James Gilmore unveiled a broad plan this week to immerse the

state in electronic government.

The plan, which touches on everything from electronic procurement to digital

signatures to access opportunities for the underprivileged, is to be carried

out by a newly created Electronic Government Implementation Division, the

formation of which is also detailed in the executive order.

"Successful e-government will be achieved when all Virginia's citizens and

communities are efficiently using the tools of technology, especially the

Internet, to actively participate in their state government," Gilmore declared

in the order.

Highlights of the plan include:

* Electronic procurement: A request for proposals for a statewide system

will be issued with the goal of having it in place by March 1, 2001. An

educational program would follow to teach agencies, higher education institutions

and local governments how to use it. And Virginia's code would be examined

to make sure no barriers to electronic procurement would inhibit the process.

* Use technology for administrative tasks: Every agency should be thinking

about applying technology for things such as employee benefits, leave reporting

and accounting, travel planning, motor pool reservations and expense reporting.

* Digital signatures: Establish policies, practices, guidelines and standards

so that this security measure for verifying people's identity can be used


* Seat management: The state is set to have a contract in place by September

of this year to outsource the responsibilities for each state employee's

computer needs.

* Digital Divide: Address the disparity between those who have access to

technology and those who don't by establishing a task force of public and

private representatives to develop a plan. Also, establish a clearinghouse

for best practices for community groups and local governments to use as

a resource.


"Virginia to create statewide network" [, May 25, 2000]

"California governor proposes $10 million for e-government" [, May 22, 2000]

"Virginia's plan the nation's most ambitious" [, May 25, 2000]

BY Jill Rosen
May 26, 2000

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