Software a 'Click' for smaller governments

Tidemark Solutions is set to unveil today a suite of online products that

target smaller governments that do not have the resources to provide e-government


Tidemark Click offers six subscription services that can be tailored to

the needs of a city or county government. When a government buys some or

all of the services, Tidemark will integrate them into the government's


"Most dot-govs do not address the jurisdiction's needs," said Kevin Gorman,

the president of Tidemark Click. For example, an electronic service that

enables people to pay traffic tickets helps citizens, "but the government

still has to do the administrative work," Gorman said. By integrating with

the government system, Tidemark Click provides a more complete service,

he said.

Although targeted at smaller communities, Gorman said several large cities

and counties have expressed interest in the product.

The Tidemark's e-government services include:

* Click Permits, which automates the permitting process.

* Click Licenses, used for business and professional licenses as well as

those for pets, fishing and hunting.

* Click Payment, used to pay fees over the Internet.

* Click Code Enforcement, which enables staff members or citizens to follow

ordinance violations.

* Click Wireless Inspector, which provides on-site information on a wireless

device to inspectors.

* Click Commentary, which enables citizens to easily contact public officials.

Tidemark Computer Systems Inc. changed its name to Tidemark Solutions to

coincide with the launch of its Click software, aiming to better represent

its wider range of products, specifically those that are Web-enabled.


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