Carnivore study coming soon

University computer experts may get a chance later this month to review

Carnivore, the FBI's controversial e-mail snoop, Attorney General Janet

Reno announced Thursday.

Justice officials have contacted three universities that it will consider

for the review, and they may look at as many as nine before deciding which

institution will do the work.

Members of Congress, privacy advocates and civil liberties organizations

have criticized the system, which makes copies of e-mail messages targeted

by FBI agents.

In most cases, bureau officials have said, Carnivore traps only the "to"

and "from" lines of an e-mail message and does not even include the subject

line. But officials acknowledged that the bureau can and has intercepted

entire e-mail messages.

Reno said Thursday that critics of Carnivore, along with FBI and other law

enforcement officials, will be consulted on the selection of a university

to review the program. They also will be consulted about any recommendations

coming out of the review, she said.

"I will approve the final selection of the university after consulting with

the privacy and law enforcement community," she said. "The university review

team will have total access to any information they need to conduct their



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