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The Procurement Network at the Tank-Automotive Command's Center for Contracting and Commerce, Picatinny Arsenal, N.J., has gone through the Bobby review. [Bobby is a Web-based tool that analyzes Web pages for their accessibility to people with disabilities.]

This was done perhaps because the center once had a blind contracting officer and the management had a real appreciation that people with disabilities would be accessing the Web site and placed a high priority on being in compliance.

To further validate the site's accessibility, the civilian personnel office acted as an intermediary in obtaining disabled volunteers from the work force at large to review the Web site.

Eric Bankit

Contracting officer

TACOM-Picatinny, N.J.

More access

I'm going to suggest an additional concept to the handicapped accessibility issue. Call it process accessibility.

Think of the many Microsoft Corp. products on the market. Think of printing something using those products. Now think of the myriad dialog boxes that pop up after you select the print command.

In some products, you can print a selection (handy if you are reading a newsletter, but not possible in Microsoft Outlook). And with some products, you can force the printing to "fit" on one page (Excel but not Word).

Then there are dialog box layouts where the landscape/portrait selection is located either on the main box or under a tab (sheet in Excel, margins in Word).

Part of accessibility is ease of use, and we have a long way to go before the processes of using software can be classified as easy.

Jim Hochstein

Life cycle cost analyst

Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division

Keyport, Wash.


FCW.com's Accessibility coverage

"Access.gov" [Federal Computer Week, Aug. 7, 2000]

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August 15, 2000

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