Navy smart ship enters new phase

The Navy released a request for proposals for its technologically advanced

DD-21 Land Attack Destroyer on Sept. 14.

The revolutionary warships will be equipped with enough sensors, intelligent

devices and advanced computers to rapidly detect and eliminate fires and

other emergencies, Navy officials have said.

The secretary of the Navy announced the RFP release for Phase 3 through

Phase 5 for continued development for the destroyer. Phase 3 includes the

completion of the ship's design, Phase 4 includes detail design and construction,

and Phase 5 involves engineering and life-cycle support.

Two competing contractor teams have recently completed development of

their preliminary designs, and the just-released RFP will be used to select

one contractor team early next year.

Technical management proposals are due Nov. 15, cost proposals on Dec.


"Entering the fleet at the end of this decade, DD-21 will usher in the

Navy's newest class of destroyers," according to a written announcement

published by the Navy. "Armed with an array of land attack weapons and other

advanced shipboard technologies, DD-21 will be capable of delivering an

unprecedented level of offensive firepower from the sea in support of joint

and coalition forces operating ashore."


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