MapInfo adds depth to GIS

MapInfo isn't the most straightforward geographic information system (GIS)

program on the market, nor is it the least expensive. But if you are looking

to combine data with maps, you won't find a stronger combination of power,

ease of use and affordability.

Although the recently released Version 6.0 of MapInfo Professional

doesn't add many dramatic new features, it does round out what was already

a very strong product offering with enhanced database and printing support

and several new features for creating more attractive maps.

The sexiest new feature in MapInfo 6.0 is decidedly the program's new

3-D map display capability. Version 5.5 allowed you to employ gradient shading

to display data on a grid map, such as temperatures or elevations. With

Version 6.0, this feature has been enhanced to offer full 3-D viewing.

Version 6.0 also adds new controls over the placement of labels and

street names. Two new rotation tools allow you to rotate all symbols or

labels in a map with a single operation. And new geo-coding controls enable

you to specify how far to offset street names from the street segments or


Bear in mind that these new tools are additions to what is already

one of the most robust map-creation tool sets on the market. No program

we've seen makes it easier to create detailed custom maps.


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