Should more government IT jobs be outsourced?


Since he took office, Gore has led the way in reinventing government,

making government more effective in its mission of service to the public.

Under his leadership, the federal workforce has been cut by 377,000 workers,

making it the smallest government since Dwight Eisenhower was president.

This has been accomplished through cooperation and partnership.

As a percentage of the country's workforce, the federal government is

the smallest it has been since the New Deal, and Gore knows that we must

continue this progress while at the same time ensuring that government has

the tools and expertise necessary to provide high-quality service.

He believes that when government work is contracted out to private companies,

they should adhere to the same level of accountability as public agencies,

and those arrangements must incorporate labor, safety, health, civil rights

and other important safeguards. He would work to promote those standards

while streamlining the federal government.


As chief executive of a government, Bush believes that elected

leaders should always be looking for more cost-effective and innovative

solutions to meeting the needs of citizens. As president, he would oversee

a federal government that draws from the talents of government employees

and the private sector to meet our IT challenge.

Governments don't create wealth. Americans create wealth — by creativity

and enterprise and risk-taking. The great engine of wealth has been the

human mind — creating value out of genius. The role of government is to

create an environment in which businesses, entrepreneurs and families can



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