Internet use guidelines

In accepting the installation of software to access the Internet on his/her

PC, the employee whose signature appears below agrees to conform to the

following guidelines regarding Internet access.

These guidelines have been approved by the County Manager.

1. The employee acknowledges that Internet access is being provided

solely to assist in gaining access to information and materials that are

related to the execution of the employee's job duties, and agrees to restrict

Web activities to sites pertaining thereto.

2. The employee agrees that Internet access will not be used to generate

or receive correspondence or materials that would be construed as fraudulent,

illegal, harassing, obscene, indecent, profane or intimidating.

3. The employee agrees not to augment Web browser software (or any county-provided

software package) with externally generated programs or add-ons that potentially

could introduce viruses into the county's computer environment.

4. In the course of accessing and utilizing materials found on the Internet,

the employee agrees to comply with any copyright or licensing laws pertaining


5. The employee agrees not to download from the Internet, and/or circulate

among other county staff, any programs or accessories not specifically

authorized for use by the Department of Information Services.

6. The employee recognizes that the information on county Internet usage

is a matter of public record and that no user is assured anonymity regarding

their degree of Internet usage and the specific sites visited.

7. The employee agrees to close Web browser software and thereby disconnect

from the Internet when not actively engaged in Web research, thus reducing

the usage of the county's Internet connection.

8. The employee acknowledges that failure to comply with the above criteria

may result in the removal of Internet software and any other disciplinary

measures deemed appropriate by the employee's supervisor.


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