FCW - The 24 E-Government Initiatives

The Office of Management and Budget on Oct. 26, 2001, released brief descriptions of 23 e-government initiatives in the Bush administration's plan to use technology to connect with citizens. A 24th initiative -- payroll -- was added in January 2002.

Initiative Lead Agency Description
Recreation One Stop Interior Build on Recreation.Gov and provide a one-stop, searchable database of recreation areas nationwide, featuring online mapping and integrated transactions, including online campground reservations and the purchase of recreational passes, maps and other products.
Eligibility Assistance Online Labor Through a common Internet portal, citizens (with a focus on high-need demographic groups) will have access to government programs and services coupled with a prescreening device. Provide direct, integrated access to agency-specific sites and transactions.
Online Access for Loans Education Allow citizens and business to find loan programs that meet their needs and then apply electronically. Citizens will have direct and faster access to apply for a loan, create or modify an online repayment schedule, or examine their loan account transaction history.
USA Services GSA/FirstGov Enable citizens to quickly obtain services online and to personalize the combination of services they obtain across multiple programs and agencies in a privacy-protected environment. EZ Tax Filing Treasury/IRS Make it easier for businesses and the public to file taxes in a Web-enabled environment.
Online Rulemaking Management Transportation Provide access to the rulemaking process for citizens anytime, anywhere. Expand existing "e-docket" system governmentwide. Other agency systems would use the system by creating "store fronts," consistent with statutory requirements for each agency. Comments would be organized using knowledge management tools to improve the quality of rules.
Expanding Electronic Tax Products for Business Treasury/IRS Decrease the number of tax-related forms that an employer must file, provide timely and accurate tax information to employers, increase the availability of electronic tax filing, and model simplified federal and state tax employment laws.
Federal Asset Sales GSA Customers will be able to find assets that they are interested in regardless of the agency that holds those assets. Customers will be able to bid and/or make purchases electronically for financial, real and disposable assets.
International Trade Process Streamlining Commerce Create a single customer-focused site whereby new or existing exporters could be facilitated through the entire export process. The 20 current Web sites would be organized and accessed through a single entry point.
One-Stop Business Compliance Information SBA Provide information on laws and regulations, help users understand this information, and offer wizards and tutorials to help users determine if rules apply to them and how to proceed. Enable permits to be completed, submitted and approved online, to the maximum extent possible.
Consolidated Health Informatics HHS Provide a simplified and unified system for sharing and reusing medical record information among government agencies and their private health care providers and insurers. Provide a single mechanism for making those records accessible.
Geospatial Information One Stop Interior Provide access to the federal government's spatial data assets in a single location. Agencies will make their planned future spatial data activities available to state and local governments in an effort to promote collaboration and reduce duplicative efforts.
e-Grants HHS Create an electronic grants portal for grant recipients and grant-making agencies that will streamline, simplify and provide an electronic option for grants management across the government.
Disaster Assistance and Crisis Response FEMA Create a public one-stop portal containing information from applicable public and private organizations involved in disaster preparedness, response and recovery.
Wireless Public Safety Interoperable Communications (Project SAFECOM) Justice Enable public safety officials throughout levels of government to be able to communicate with one other. This initiative would provide standards to enable interoperability among federal, state and local officials.
e-Vital Social Security Expand the existing vital records online data exchange efforts between federal agencies and state governments.
e-Training OPM Provide a repository of government-owned courseware to be made available to all government (federal, state and local) to provide high-interest and government-required training to government employees at economies-of-scale pricing. Foster development of communities of practice. Recruitment One-Stop OPM Modify USA Jobs to create an automated resource for federal government information and career opportunities. It would allow for automated resume and assessment tools with the ability to route resumes, assess candidates and streamline the federal hiring process, as well as providing an up-to-the-minute application status for job seekers. Enterprise Human Resources Integration OPM Electronically integrate personnel records across government. Reduce the delays involved in security clearance processing. Automate, streamline and consolide the government's travel processes.

(Payroll Processing Consolidation)
OPM Consolidate systems at more than 14 processing centers across government and eliminate the need for duplicative purchases of enterprise resource planning software.
e-Travel GSA Agencies will use a common travel management system throughout the federal government. Existing travel management resources will be consolidated.
Integrated Acquisition Environment GSA Agencies will begin sharing common data elements to enable other agencies to make better-informed procurement, logistical, payment and performance assessment decisions. It will also allow agencies to make maximum use of e-markets approaches. e-Records Management NARA Establish uniform procedures, requirements and standards for electronic recordkeeping by agencies in converting paper-based records to electronic files.e-Authentication GSA Establish a core federal public-key infrastructure with which federal employees and the federal community would interoperate and give the public a secure and consistent method of communication with government.


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