GovAssets4Sale going live

With more than 25 government organizations signed up, GovAssets4Sale officially goes live next week as an online marketplace in which government agencies can sell or trade surplus and seized assets via the Internet.

Owned by Clearwater, Fla.-based Government Surplus Assets Inc., GovAssets4Sale ( is an online service that assists sellers at all levels of government in disposing of surplus assets using auctions, sealed bids, or transfers and exchanges. Buyers can be from government, nonprofit organizations or the general public.

"By allowing each local government to put assets online, we believe that a smaller government agency will choose to buy that asset," said Len Russek, president of GovAssets4Sale. "We have created a platform for trading. Many law enforcement agencies will swap vehicles with other agencies to save money."

Unlike eBay where an amount of money must be offered to the seller, GovAssets4Sale allows government agencies and non-profit organizations to bid zero. "We designed the site so buyers could bid $0 because sometimes agencies are looking to get rid of equipment and are not looking to make any money," Russek said.

Assets listed on GovAssets4Sale include:

* Specialty vehicles.

* Heavy equipment.

* Police and fire equipment, including helicopters.

* Computer and communications equipment.

* Hospital and medical equipment.

* Water management and forestry management equipment.

* Utility equipment.

* Airport and marine port equipment.

* Boats, trailers and diving equipment.

Most of the assets are available to the general public, however, some items are restricted to specified agencies.

Gary Perkins, executive director of the Florida Sheriff's Association, said that the site has a lot of potential. "My job was to pull a committee together in Florida from multiple agencies to give feedback and input to [Russek] in order to structure the site," he said. "We want to work as an organization to raise the awareness to all agencies throughout the states."

GovAssets4Sale has been developing during the past eight months. A limited number of items are listed on the site now, but Russek said, "We'll be making a nationwide announcement on July 8, looking to create a global marketplace for state and local governments."


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