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I have to take exception to the June 24 letter to the editor, "NMCI a fair deal for taxpayers," specifically this statement: "It's your money (taxes). How would you rather have it spent — $4 billion for the way it was or $1.5 billion for the way it is going?"

Where did this person get their numbers? The Navy and EDS have already changed their tune on the Navy Marine Corps Intranet being a cost-savings program, because it is actually costing the Navy more than the way business is done now. Read any of the articles regarding NMCI and the talk now is of it being a more secure environment; removed is any reference to it being a cost-savings program for the Navy.

I believe in the long run that this program may turn out to be the best way of doing business, but under no circumstances does NMCI save the Navy money.

In addition, there are numerous legacy systems that will not be allowed on the NMCI network due to security problems but need to continue to function for mission reasons. The people who run those programs now will continue to do so, in effect having a dual infrastructure that NMCI was supposed to do away with. More hidden costs that are not talked about.

Argue the merits of this program, but do not make any claims that NMCI will save the taxpayers money, because it will not.

Name withheld by request


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