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Following are responses to an FCW.com poll question that asked, "Given an opportunity, would you work for the Homeland Security Department?"

I currently work for the Ohio Public Safety Emergency Management Agency. We continually work with many federal partners — the Justice Department, the Office for Domestic Preparedness, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and many others — all to the benefit of Ohio's first responders.

I think that putting all the essential partners under one department is an excellent idea. It should lessen duplicated efforts and simplify the reporting requirements that exist.

I would love to be a part of it and the preparation of our states for any event whether natural or man-made. Thank you.

K.A. Wood Ohio Emergency Management Agency


I am nearing retirement from my present occupation and would be interested in at least looking into the opportunities to work for homeland security in some fashion. I am 59, have a bachelor's degree in civil engineering and have worked for the Kansas Department of Transportation the past 31 years.

I desire to, in some small way, give something back to my country for the opportunities I have been given. My father retired after 20 years in the Army and served in World War II and Korea. I would like to try and accomplish a small percentage of what he did.

Name withheld by request


I would like to think that there would be a tremendous need to oversee the acquisition of the appropriate technologies to be used in the war against terrorism, especially in the area of biometrics.

I would personally welcome the opportunity to serve on the team that would be responsible for uncovering those technologies that really work and those that don't, and of course, advise the department in the appropriate manner.

Thomas Hardy Engineering Systems Solutions Inc.


This is a dumb question! It would depend on the job, salary, location, etc. The real question would be, "Would you choose NOT to work for the proposed Homeland Security Department given a job opportunity you would accept if offered by another government agency."

Name withheld by request


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