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A Discriminating Screen

If you work on sensitive data while traveling, you might be interested in 3M's frameless notebook privacy filter. The filter uses patented "microlouver" technology to narrow the viewing angle, so the screen is only visible to those sitting directly in front of it. Someone viewing the display from the side would only see black, not blurry or distorted screen images.

The filter also reduces glare and guards against scratches and abrasions. Conveniently, it can remain in place even when the notebook lid is closed. The filter comes in four sizes to fit the following notebook screen sizes: 12.1 inch, 13.3 inch, 14.1 inch and 15 inch.

Call (888) 364-3577 or go to wwww.3m.com. Retail prices range from $56 for the 12.1-inch filter to $76 for the 15-inch filter.

Just Enough Light to See by

If your travel schedule turns you into a night owl on planes and trains or if you make presentations in dark rooms, you might find Kensington Technology Group's FlyLight handy.

It's a flexible black tube with an LED on the end that you can aim at your keyboard. According to Kensington officials, the LED provides enough light to illuminate a keyboard but is soft enough that it won't disturb neighboring travelers. If you want to preserve your night vision, you can order the FlyLight with a red LED.

This light requires no external power source. Just connect it to your computer's USB port and it's ready to go, using less than 90 seconds/hour of battery charge. Kensington also makes a platinum-colored version of the light.

Keeping it Cool

Can't take the heat? Cool off with Kensington's FlyFan, a small, portable fan that plugs into any computer's USB port. The flexible tube design lets you aim the air where you need it most, and the soft vinyl blades won't slice fingers or clothes.

No external power is required and the fan uses less than 5 minutes/hour of notebook battery time, according to Kensington officials. Ideal uses include stuffy airplanes, cabs or conference rooms.

All three versions of the FlyLight — regular, red or platinum LEDs — are available for $20 each. The FlyFan costs $25. Call (800) 280-8318 or go to www.kensington.com.


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