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This is a very important change ["Changes coming at the JROC"].

Fortunately for the Joint Requirements Oversight Council, a unifying deliberative planning process has been captured with a Web application called (JTIMS) Joint Training Information Management System. Don't let the name throw you. For years, I was tossed out of management offices because they only saw this feature as a joint training application, but it can do a lot more than that.

It uses the deliberate planning process and allows theater commanders to build plans and specify the capabilities needed in their theater for a mission. The mission is scheduled and joint force providers can assign units to those capabilities. Further refinements are being added to handle operations.

This is not a slap at the Joint Operations and Planning Execution System, but it is easier to use and doesn't cost as much.

With the change of philosophy at the JROC, I am going to recommend JTIMS and its operations feature to the JROC. It is already in use by every major theater and functional commander in chief. We can see what the European Command has scheduled and what it needs for joint training, testing and evaluation, and experiments. Now that we add operations, the loop will be complete. This was good news.

William Sullivan
Joint Forces Command


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