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Following are responses to an FCW.com poll question that asked: "Do you think federal information technology workers should be required to earn a systems security certification?"

IT certifications are primarily a huge cash cow that supports a sub-industry not always related to actual technical skills and capabilities.

Yes, I have earned some pieces of the alphabet soup, and I will not contest that the experience was valuable. But federal IT workers already have an in-depth knowledge of the specifics of the networks they support. In many cases this knowledge is unique to the agency.

Providing additional ongoing training is more effective than forcing someone to do something. It would be better to force inexperienced managers and human resources personnel to learn and understand the issues of working in the trenches and actually doing the work.

Name withheld by request


It should not be a requirement to earn an IT certification to apply for a job, but I believe the federal government should provide training and certification as a matter of course for employees in IT career positions.

Name withheld by request


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