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Following are responses to an FCW.com poll question that asked: "Do you think federal IT workers should be required to earn a systems security certification?"

In the short time I've been with the State Department, the training I have received has been all but pathetic. Co-workers who give the training have no idea how to teach.

Worse yet is the training I have received that might have done others good, but I've never been able to use what I've learned.

Which is why I say, if you want to train me, fine, just see to it that I use what I've learned at some point on the job.

This goes to having to be certified, as your recent survey asks. If you have us get certified as a requirement for the job, be certain that we use our acquired knowledge. Otherwise, the training is wasted.

Right now, here in the State Department, there are a lot of paper-trained individuals — a lot of good that's going to do the computing end user.

T. Kirschbaum State Department


I think certifications should be required because they will contribute to raising "esprit de corps" and the individual's self-confidence. They also will increase job prestige, knowing that you are part of a small group of specially qualified professionals.

I also think that the individuals should not have to pay for this out-of-pocket; the government organization should pay for the certifications.

Orman Cupp Jr. Air Force


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