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Following are responses to an FCW.com poll question that asked: "Do you think federal IT workers should be required to earn a systems security certification?"

I definitely feel that some type of formalized training dealing with information technology security is extremely important. Unfortunately, management tends to treat this type of training as an unnecessary perk.

I would much rather take this type of training than the other types that I am often required to attend, such as equal employment opportunity and workplace ethics. While these are valuable, the security-related training is as valuable if not more so.

Name withheld by request


As a taxpayer, I can envision government IT employees fighting for training positions and spending the majority of their time training rather than getting paid for a service.

Having spent the past 20 years in the training of government personnel, I base my opinion on the attitude of the students that I have seen and the motivation of each to receive as much free government training in an effort to land a good private-sector job. It's a revolving door.

Name withheld by request


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