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Following is a response to an FCW.com poll question that asked: "What is at the top of your holiday IT wish list?"

Top on my list is a JOB. Both my wife and I got laid off from Hewlett-Packard Co. after the merger with Compaq Computer Corp.

The number of high-tech workers being laid off here in Colorado Springs, Colo., has only increased this year. MCI announced 500 this month. HP (the tri-company) just completed another round on Dec. 16.

I'd like to see some jobs being created, not eliminated, to create a better bottom line for some company. When things turn around, many former high-tech workers will have left the area or moved onto something that will put food on the table and a roof over their heads.

If I had a security clearance, I'd be working now. Any person I know of who has left the service within the past two years (and thus has a current security clearance) and who knows anything about computers is already working.

The No. 1 thing I want for Christmas 2002 is a job, and make that a good-paying job — please!

Greg Ekholm Colorado Springs, Colo.


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