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{italics} Following is a response to an FCW.com poll question that asked: "Is the Bush administration on the right track with the concept of consolidating IT projects?"

I've been an advocate of consolidating information technology projects for years, but unfortunately, most IT management projects are given to people who don't even know computers, let alone databases or programming issues.

Within our agency, I keep seeing approved projects going through each year to "create a database for" XYZ types of data. These so-called database projects are simply a spreadsheet with no data verification or integrity checks, the data is not shared, and after the "project" completes a publication, the so-called database disappears.

The information is not shared except as a publication, even though most of the "database" fields do have correlations within other existing (real) databases.

This just leads to the next project that gets to regather all of that previous and other information, re-input it into another spreadsheet, just to hide it again later.

Name withheld by request


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