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Following are responses to an FCW.com poll question that asked: "About how many spam e-mails do you get each day at work?"

I don't have many spam e-mail messages at work because the Electronic Support Units folks have good stewardship with firewalls, filters, effective antivirus tools and management policies, and server maintenance to keep most spam from reaching our workstations.

However, my personal Internet service provider for my home computer has done little to help filter out spam. I get at least 30 spam e-mail messages daily. As a result, my ISP is losing clients and is desperately trying to have us recruit new clients with $10 and $25 cash incentives.

Name withheld by request


The corporate (government) mail server prevents most spam from getting through.

Most of the spam I get is from sources internal to the organization. E-mail messages with "inspiring thoughts" or pictures that someone thinks we all need to see are always clogging my inbox. The same thing applies with inappropriate humor or pictures that might be characterized as porn.

In short, we have met the enemy and he is one of us.

Name withheld by request


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