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Five years ago: FCW, March 23, 1998

Gore report seeks more IT reliance
In "Reinventing Service at the IRS," Vice President Al Gore's task force calls for the Internal Revenue Service to rely heavily on information technology to move from a paper-based tax collection system to one that is dependent on electronic filing of tax returns and on the Internet.

Rethinking federal desktop computing
Agencies hope the General Services Administration's impending seat management program will relieve their management headaches.

Four years ago: FCW, March 22, 1999

Reno launches security alliance
Attorney General Janet Reno and the Information Technology Association of America unveiled a set of initiatives to combat computer crime. A key component is a "personnel exchange program," in which IT professionals will work and learn side by side with computer crime specialists at the National Infrastructure Protection Center. Likewise, federal computer security specialists will boost their skills by serving "fellowships" at IT companies.

Three years ago: FCW, March 20, 2000

NASA defends failures
NASA Administrator Dan Goldin called failures such as the loss of two Mars exploration spacecraft in 1999 "acceptable," but said he is at fault for not setting parameters for his trademark "faster, better, cheaper" approach and not explaining "failure."

Two years ago: FCW, March 26, 2001

Quick questions, slow answers
E-mail is rapidly becoming the preferred method of contacting members of the House and Senate. However, most congressional offices don't reply to e-mail messages with e-mail responses — they print responses on paper and send them via regular mail.

One year ago: FCW, March 25, 2002

FBI record handling under fire
The FBI's computer systems are "antiquated," but the Justice Department blamed poor performance by personnel for the FBI's failure to disclose more than 1,000 documents to lawyers defending Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.


  • Acquisition
    network monitoring (nmedia/

    How companies should prep for CMMC

    Defense contractors should be getting ready for the Defense Department's impending cybersecurity standard expected to be released this month.

  • Workforce
    Volcanic Tablelands Calif BLM Bishop Field Office employee. April 28, 2010

    BLM begins move out of Washington

    The decision to relocate staff could disrupt key relationships with Congress and OMB and set the stage for a dismantling of the agency, say former employees.

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