This week in FCW history

Five years ago: FCW, March 30, 1998

Transition to FTS 2001 network has agency users worried
Federal users of the governmentwide FTS 2000 long-distance network raised concerns about how the transition to the FTS 2001 network may adversely affect mission-critical applications and whether agencies are making adequate preparations for the switch.

Four years ago: FCW, March 29, 1999

Old IT risks pilots over Kosovo
Air Force and Navy pilots flying missions over anti-aircraft sites in Yugoslavia lack advanced technology systems that could better ensure their safety.

Congress may put squeeze on FBI data sharing project
Tight budgets and fears of cost overruns may keep Congress from giving the FBI all the money it seeks for a project that would allow agents to share data more easily.

Three years ago: FCW, March 27, 2000

CIO czar concept gains momentum
Lawmakers announced their support for a federal chief information officer — someone to oversee how agencies create a digital government.

White House e-mail slips past scan
A glitch allowed thousands of incoming White House e-mail messages to slip through undetected, leaving Congress and the Justice Department without e-mail evidence in matters related to campaign finance, "Filegate" and the Monica Lewinsky sex-and-perjury scandal.

Two years ago: FCW, March 26, 2001

Taxes '01: E-filing chugs on
IRS officials say the agency is building the foundation for a new era of e-government. Every year, the agency adds new components to modernize a system that still requires paper tapes to store old records and clerical workers to type in 34 elements for each tax return.

One year ago: FCW, March 25, 2002

Reinventing FEMA
Six months after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, all eyes are on the Federal Emergency Management Agency — the small, independent-organization charged with leading the nation's anti-terrorism effort.


  • Acquisition
    network monitoring (nmedia/

    How companies should prep for CMMC

    Defense contractors should be getting ready for the Defense Department's impending cybersecurity standard expected to be released this month.

  • Workforce
    Volcanic Tablelands Calif BLM Bishop Field Office employee. April 28, 2010

    BLM begins move out of Washington

    The decision to relocate staff could disrupt key relationships with Congress and OMB and set the stage for a dismantling of the agency, say former employees.

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