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GAO urges sharing rules

The General Accounting Office late last month urged the Office of Federal Procurement Policy to consider developing guidance for training federal personnel in share-in-savings contracting.

Share-in-savings, in which part of a contractor's payment is derived from the amount of money it saves its customer, is common in the commercial world but still rare in the federal arena, wrote David Cooper, director of acquisition and sourcing management at GAO, in a letter to OFPP.

The E-Government Act of 2002 requires the Office of Management and Budget to study share-in-savings contracting. The letter comes two months after GAO filed two reports: one that detailed the importance of training for new acquisition initiatives and another that presented share-in-savings contracts from the commercial world.

OFPP should work toward guidance that addresses the need for a well- defined training program and incorporates successful commercial processes, Cooper wrote.

ITAA, PSC comment on cooperative purchasing

Two heavy-hitting groups have told the General Services Administration it should change the most controversial provisions of a proposed rule that would allow state and local governments to use the GSA schedule system for information technology purchases.

The Information Technology Association of America and the Professional Services Council, in comments filed late last month, suggested that GSA allow state and local governments to modify contract terms, which the proposed rule forbids. The groups also recommend that GSA remove a clause that would trigger price reductions if dealers sell products to commercial customers at a lower price than the GSA listing. n


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