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* The Department of Veterans Affairs is deploying Fortress Technologies' AirFortress product to secure the wireless networks used for its BarCode Medication Administration (BCMA) program.

More than 7,000 Americans die annually from medication-dispensing errors, according to a study by the Institute of Medicine. To eliminate such errors, the VA developed the BCMA program, a wireless system used for real-time retrieval of medical information from bar codes on patients' wristbands. The VA is in the process of deploying AirFortress Wireless Security Gateways to protect both the medical networks and wireless communications in 167 hospitals and centers.

* Neoteris Inc., a provider of access control products, received high-level security certification from the federal government this week. The Neoteris Access Series FIPS product lines, which provide secure cryptographic key storage, have been certified under the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 security benchmarks.

The FIPS certification is the latest version of the government's security standard for cryptographic modules. The National Institute of Standards and Technology administers the benchmark. Neoteris Access Series provides secure access to network resources for remote employees, customers and partners.


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