Human capital officer council forms

Office of Personnel Management director Kay Coles James on May 24 announced the members of the new Chief Human Capital Officers Council, which is scheduled to meet for the first time next month.

A provision in the Homeland Security Act of 2002 requires agencies to name a chief human capital officer — a senior-level person who can serve as chief policy adviser on all human resources management issues.

The act also creates a council, which is made up of chief human capital officers of Cabinet-level agencies. The OPM director serves as chair of the council, and the deputy director for management at the Office of Management and Budget serves as vice chair.

The council is envisioned as a high-level policy planning group that can help agencies improve their strategic workforce planning. Issues they plan to address include:

* Modernizing human resources systems.

* Improving the quality of human resources information.

* Advancing legislation affecting human resources operations and organizations.

Agencies were required to name chief human capital officers by May 24. Here is a partial list released by OPM:

* Ruthie Jackson, Agriculture Department

* Otto Wolff, Commerce Department

* David S. C. Chu, Defense Department

* William Leidinger, Education Department

* Claudia Cross, Energy Department

* Rosemary Taylor, Department of Health and Human Services

* Ronald James, Homeland Security Department

* Vickers Meadows, Department of Housing and Urban Development

* Lynn Scarlett, Interior Department

* Joanne Simms, Justice Department

* Patrick Pizzella, Labor Department

* Ruth Davis, State Department

* Michael Dannenhauer, Transportation Department

* Rebecca Contrearas, Treasury Department

* William Campbell, Department of Veterans Affairs

* Rose Marie Depp, Agency for International Development

* Morris Winn, Environmental Protection Agency

* Gail Lovelace, General Services Administration

* Vicki Novak, NASA

* Anthony Arnolie, National Science Foundation

* Patricia Norry, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

* Doris Hausser, Office of Personnel Management

* Monika Edwards Harrison, Small Business Administration

* Reginald Wells, Social Security Administration


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