This week in FCW history

Five years ago: FCW, June 1, 1998

New Pentium II PCs crank on benchmarks
Intel's newest processor and chipset sizzle — the 400 MHz Pentium II processor and the 440BX chipset.

Four years ago: FCW, May 31, 1999

Work force woes: Part 1 and Part 2
This package looks at the Office of Personnel Management's plans to revamp the structure of the technical work force and the Treasury Department's call for the government to overhaul how federal IT professionals are trained, paid and promoted.

Three years ago: FCW, June 5, 2000

Clinton: Keep work force study going
The Clinton administration asked Congress to permanently fund a governmentwide study of federal information technology workers' pay and positions to serve as a reference for future initiatives.

Two years ago: FCW, June 4, 2001

Rebates pose challenge for IRS systems
The Internal Revenue Service scrambled to redesign software and make good on the promise to send out rebate checks to 95 million taxpayers.

One year ago: FCW, June 3, 2002

Carnivore bites off too much
The FBI unleashed Carnivore against Osama bin Laden's terrorist network, but the Internet spyware intercepted so much unrelated e-mail that the FBI stopped using it and might have destroyed information it collected related to the terrorists.


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    COVID, black swans and gray rhinos

    Steven Kelman suggests we should spend more time planning for the known risks on the horizon.

  • IT Modernization
    businessman dragging old computer monitor (Ollyy/

    Pro-bono technologists look to help cash-strapped states struggling with legacy systems

    As COVID-19 exposed vulnerabilities in state and local government IT systems, the newly formed U.S. Digital Response stepped in to help.

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