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Following are responses sent to [email protected] from readers commenting on the Thrift Savings Plan online services launched June 16. These comments were received June 17. More comments will be posted in the coming days.

I have been trying to get on the system since yesterday, including at 4 a.m., without any luck. Also, I noticed that as of 8 a.m. June 17, the share prices from closing on June 16 had not been updated.

I am sure there are some bumps in the road that will need to be resurfaced. I hope it happens soon.

Dave LeVeck
Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency


I don't think they're fully functional yet. I get hung up at the https://tspweb2.tspsec.tsp.gov phase, and it simply will not process any further. I was able to get in once yesterday afternoon, and a colleague and I discovered that the contributions line had 0 percent for all choices, which is a fairly glaring error.

I thought the slow response time might be user overload, but I've tried at very odd hours and am routinely not connecting.

William McGarvey
National Institutes of Health


Please upgrade the hardware! And the communications lines! Put a notice out saying, "Sorry, the software is down. You will be able to get to it xx, xx when we get new hardware and communications lines."

Pat Rinn
Federal Communications Commission


I haven't tried it yet, but I think it's amazing that federal employees had to wait for a system at all. Investment banking houses have had rapid online transaction capability for years. Was it really necessary to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in failure and delay, just so a so-called "small business" could do this?

Obviously, we in civil service saw our portfolios crippled more than necessary because we did not have a quick way to move money out of one portfolio and into another when the market started its downturn, unlike most other people.

Christopher Smallis
Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass.


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