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Following are responses sent to [email protected] from readers commenting on the Thrift Savings Plan online services launched June 16. These comments were received June 19. More comments will be posted in the coming days.

Absolutely disgraceful! I can't get in, and get gobbledygook or a message about the traffic being too heavy when I do get in.

This is what we have been waiting all these years for? Give me my money back. This site is a waste. In fact, the whole TSP is a waste.

Sandra King Army Communications-Electronics Command


The new TSP is the toy under the Christmas tree and we are all excited to open the package.

Although the site and view are different than other individual retirement account-type sites, the concept is the same. Deposit the money, look at the account on a regular basis (monthly or bimonthly at most) and leave the account alone except on a once- or twice-a-year decision.

This is long-term planning, not a stock market play toy. Those that play each day are doomed to lose, and those who just view the account are not playing, they are merely hoping to do some learning. Those that change the account frequently are players.

Follow the same rules as in an expensive china/dishware store: Look and don't touch (breakage is your loss).

Donald Simmons Pennsylvania State University


In the long run, which we all should be aiming for, it will be a great TSP move forward. Just think of when we, the federal governmental employees as a whole, will be members of just about the largest, most forward-thinking retirement group in the world. Even if a little "blip" was made in the initial selection of the first server, it's ultimately the long run that counts for retirement "good-life" income.

I say "three cheers" for the present system!

Al Hall Small Business Administration


It's a good improvement. However, I have not been able to find anyone in TSP or our own payroll office who can tell me how they track the contributions.

The best answer is that I should just look at my pay stub and calculate it from there. However, the pay stubs issued by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service do not show the sum total, just the biweekly deduction. I would think that TSP must have the sum principal, or else how would they know how to pay interest?

Charles Jacobs National Imagery and Mapping Agency


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