GPO taps Young for prepress

The Government Printing Office appointed Dannie Young as superintendent of its Electronic Photocomposition Division.

Young's new responsibilities include managing GPO's prepress operations, which include proofreading and typesetting the Congressional Record and the Federal Register, preparing files for GPO Access, and managing a technical documentation facility in Atlantic City, N.J.

Employees respect Young, said Robert Schwenk, managing director of plant operations.

Young led the technical aspect of the division and demonstrated tireless leadership ability, "They all follow behind him," Schwenk said, adding that Young led the technical aspect of the division and demonstrated tireless leadership ability. "He's a dedicated, hardworking individual."

Schwenk was Young's supervisor for at least five years. Young "did a great job," Schwenk said. "Always made me look good."

Young has 32 years of government printing experience. He joined GPO in 1971, after working as Judd and Detweiler's first African American foreperson printer compositor. As one of the first employees in the agency's electronic photocomposition division, Young rose to acting foreman of the text processing computer section. After promotions to a series of positions within GPO, he became assistant superintendent of electronic photocomposition division in 1998.

Young currently is on vacation, according to GPO.


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