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Six years ago: Sept. 29, 1997

INS upgrade reaches for $1.2B Stars

The Immigration and Naturalization Service issued a $1.2 billion request for proposal for a project to bring the agency "out of the Dark Ages." INS released the request for proposals for the Service Technology Alliance Resources project, a multiple-award contract that the agency used to provide itself with upgraded equipment. Electronic Data Services Corp., Lockheed Martin Corp. and Computer Sciences Corp. eventually won the three largest awards under the project.

Five years ago: Sept. 28, 1998

Lockheed wins $3.4B NASA prize

In one of the largest information technology-related procurements in civilian agency history, NASA awarded Lockheed Martin Space Operations Co. a $3.4 billion contract to manage the space agency's entire space operation infrastructure. The 10-year contract shifted management responsibility from five NASA centers to Lockheed, which was competing against Boeing North American Inc.'s Space Systems Division.

Four years ago: Sept. 27, 1999

Treasury tests new contracting waters

The Treasury Department asked industry to help develop guidance on how to award performance-based contracts that will enable vendors to offer more creative and innovative solutions that meet the department's information technology goals.

Three years ago: Oct. 29, 2000

E-gov pleases, worries Americans

In overwhelming numbers, Americans were pleased to be able to obtain much government information and some government services on the Internet, a nationwide survey showed. At the same time, most Americans worried that the Internet lacks adequate security and privacy to protect their personal information.

Two years ago: Oct. 1, 2001

HHS to unify Medicare accounting

The Department of Health and Human Services awarded a $328.4 million contract to PricewaterhouseCoopers for the Healthcare Integrated General Ledger Accounting System, designed to replace the 53 systems insurance companies use to process and pay nearly 3 million Medicare claims daily.

One year ago: Sept. 30, 2002

Navy launches e-records effort

The Navy kicked off the government's largest enterprisewide records management system when it began installing software on Navy Marine Corps Intranet computers. Officials loaded software on about 100 PCs in the Navy Department's Office of the Chief Information Officer to help the service manage records and documents across nearly 400,000 desktop PCs at nearly 300 shore-based sites, officials said.


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