IRMCO honors tech work

CAMBRIDGE, Md. -- CIO Council and Interagency Resources Management Conference (IRMCO) officials announced annual awards today for the best information technology work in government, highlighting the best teamwork and innovative efforts.

Air Force Capt. Joseph Kays won the IRMCO Individual Award. An operations officer for the Defense Contract Management Agency in Iraq, he helped program management teams implement performance-based management techniques. Warfighters used the techniques to reduce the turnaround time for vital fuel authorization from 72 hours to less than 24 hours. He also developed a post-attack recall plan for the agency so service leaders could account for warfighters in less than 24 hours.

The IRMCO Team award went to the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Center for Earth Resources Observation and Science, which provided significant amounts of information to support the tsunami relief effort in Asia. The sharing of information was massive and required an enormous amount of coordination around the clock. Federal agencies and others trying to create swift emergency response teams downloaded more than 600,000 files.

In addition to the IRMCO awards, CIO Council officials announced the council’s executive leadership awards, which recognize e-government and IT advancements.

This year’s winner of the team award was the Oracle SmartBuy team, which developed a cross-government initiative by negotiating a $160 million contract from Oracle in 2004.

The CIO Council’s individual award was given to Dennis Heretick for his work with the Justice Department. After failing to meet federal security standards, the department’s IT security program received a B-minus from Congress in fiscal 2004.

Heretick was able to “implement a comprehensive security management program with a performance measurement report card that has set the standard of excellence for federal agencies,” said Dan Matthews, the Transportation Department’s chief information officer and vice chairman of the CIO Council.

The CIO Council’s award for executive leadership for managing the development and implementation of a federal governmentwide IT workforce initiative was given to Dagne Fulcher for her work as manager of the IT Workforce Capability Assessment.

The CIO Council also presented an award to John Sindelar, the deputy associate administrator at the General Services Administration for his management of the lines of business initiatives that help government agencies develop a cross-agency vision of transformation.

Officials gave out the awards here at IRMCO. The conference’s theme is “Making Results Real.”


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