NASCIO looks at data integration

National Association of Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) officials have released a research brief about challenges facing states’ data integration projects.

The brief, entitled "Connecting the Silos – Using Governance Models to Achieve Data Integration," discusses what integration means and other relevant issues such as ownership, privacy and access, data quality, security, statutory requirements and legal issues, and business operations, among other things.

Although technology is an integral part of the challenge, the brief states how an initiative's governance or organizational structure can make or break an initiative.

"Data integration will help state government more effectively make use of and deliver information and services within and across domains," Art Stephens, Pennsylvania’s former CIO and now the governor's deputy chief of staff, said in a press release.

"This need crosses governmental levels, as well as domain, agency and organization boundaries,” Stephens added. “Establishing a clear governance model to achieve data integration across all domains is the best way to ensure that the transition is seamless and reliable."

Stephens is chairman of NASCIO's Interoperability and Integration Committee, which addresses issues related to public safety communications, spectrum management, data sharing and integration.

The brief states that integration is about sharing information and attaining common business objectives across various agencies and jurisdictions. "Building a governance structure allows a stable process to be applied to unique integration requirements," according to the brief. "Furthermore, governance enables the consideration of integration initiatives across the full spectrum of stakeholder participants."

The brief talks about what several states, including Pennsylvania and New Jersey, are doing to develop governance models and work being done in the federal government.

The brief also provides additional resources and links.


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