DLT to provide Oracle products for Navy

DLT Solutions has captured what is thought to be the first contract award under the Oracle-focused SmartBuy agreement inked in April.

Navy officials signed a contract with DLT Solutions for Oracle Database and other elements of Oracle’s core technology, such as Oracle Application Server. The Navy award exercises an option on a 2003 Oracle enterprise license for the Navy’s shore-based employees. The option extends Oracle’s reach, via DLT Solutions, to all Navy operations. The contract was awarded May 6 but announced Monday.

The government’s Oracle SmartBuy agreement includes four companies: Oracle, DLT Solutions, Mythics and Northrop Grumman. Through SmartBuy, the government aims to use its purchasing power to negotiate discounts with software vendors.

Rick Marcotte, president and chief executive officer of DLT Solutions, declined to specify the discount extended to the Navy through SmartBuy. He acknowledged, however, that it was substantial.

Marcotte said he anticipates additional SmartBuy contracts before the end of the government’s fiscal year.

DLT Solutions now seeks to get PeopleSoft products on its SmartBuy roster, said Russ Holmes, vice president of Oracle sales for DLT Solutions. Oracle completed its acquisition of PeopleSoft in January, but the latter company’s products were not included on any of the SmartBuy awards. DLT Solutions carries PeopleSoft software on its NASA Scientific and Engineering Workstation Procurement III contract.


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