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Global Technologies Group has announced a suite of productivity software called DiscEdge that offers automated backup, Web content and archiving on CD and DVD.

The three products in the suite are designed for use with Rimage's digital publishing systems.

SpanDisc is a backup and archiving tool that automatically spans large datasets across multiple discs. NetDisc provides Web site integration to deliver content via CD or DVD. AutoDisc automatically records target directories for applications such as project management.

SpanDisc can record the contents of an entire hard drive or mapped network drive to CD and DVD. When it splits folders across multiple discs, it preserves the existing file and folder structure. Discs created with the software do not need a special viewer to be restored. You can simply copy the file back to the desired location. You can also set the software to do automatic job scheduling using Microsoft's Windows Task Scheduler.

NetDisc is a simplified management and production tool for organizations that distribute products on CDs and DVDs. Although the product is not an e-commerce system, it allows simplified integration.

The NetDisc process starts when the system receives an Extensible Markup Language-based e-mail request from an e-commerce or other automated system. NetDisc looks for a valid product identification number and then enters the request into its database. The information stored in the database is used to request production, which is sent to the Rimage digital publishing system.

NetDisc can produce CDs and DVDs with custom labels, so you don't need to keep a stash of pre-stamped discs on hand. An intranet site lets local users view available products, manually submit product requests and view completed and pending requests.

The third product in the suite is AutoDisc, which automatically records the contents of a file directory to CD or DVD when a special trigger file is present in the source folder. You can adjust the interval at which AutoDisc automatically monitors the directory. The software can handle up to 256 queued folders for processing.

Pricing for each product for one to five users is: SpanDisc, $1,895; NetDisc, $4,995; and AutoDisc, $995. Discounts for all three apply for six to 10, 11 to 20, and 21 or more users.


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