MIR3 and Intrado form partnership

Two technology companies that provide emergency notification systems have formed a new partnership to target the federal, state and local government markets.

MIR3, a San Diego-based firm that provides high-speed, two-way multi-modal notification geared to large corporate customers and governments, has teamed up with Longmont, Colo.-based Intrado, which designs and provides enhanced 911 systems and services including database management, call routing support and notification services to the public.

“One of the things this partnership brings is the ability to go after large opportunities where you need incredible presence and incredible throughput," said Monica Marics, Intrado’s vice president of target notification and wireline products.

Margi Schmidt, MIR3’s vice president of business development, said her company’s technology is easy to use. It allows authorized users to craft a message to be transmitted within seconds. But Intrado has the positioning and the reputation in the public safety arena, access to 911 data and a level of sophistication in geographic information system, including weather modeling applications, that MIR3 doesn’t have, she said.

Representatives from both companies said they expect the partnership will be successful domestically and internationally.

Schmidt said municipalities nationwide have been slow adopting emergency notification systems and estimated about 20 percent have some type of system.

But with greater federal homeland security funding and increased familiarity of first responder needs, she said demand is increasing for sophisticated notification systems, which essentially enable government agencies or companies to automatically and instantly alert their employees or residents about emergencies and provide additional information via any kind of communications device.


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