IAC restructures 2 shared interest groups

The Industry Advisory Council has restructured two of its Shared Interest Groups for 2006 to focus on key government priorities to continue providing insight and leadership to drive the intellectual content for the organization.

The Collaboration and Transformation SIG, formerly the eGovernment SIG, has been modified to reflect the view of government as an enterprise that seeks to be more efficient.

Gene Zapfel, co-chairman of the Collaboration and Transformation SIG and a partner at Unisys, said the reconfigured SIG now has a committee on financial management lines of business. SIG leaders also turned a health care subcommittee into a full committee and established a leadership position to foster communication.

IAC has renamed and changed the Procurement and Acquisition SIG as well. Now called the Acquisition Management SIG, the group has been expanded to encompass acquisition life cycle management, competitive sourcing, acquisition workforce training, and procurement and contracting alternatives, all topics that have recently gained prominence in the federal acquisition community.

IAC’s other seven SIGs will not change, according to the organization. They are:

  • Emerging Technology.

  • Enterprise Architecture.

  • Homeland Protection.

  • Human Capital.

  • Information Security and Privacy.

  • Networks and Telecommunications.

  • Small Business.
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