New handheld computer debuts at CES

A new category of handheld computer hit the market last week at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, one that simultaneously runs a full-function version of Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and Windows Mobile 5.0.

The ultraportable DualCor cPC from DualCor Technologies is the only wireless handheld desktop PC, or handtop, to combine the functionality of a desktop PC, personal digital assistant and mobile phone.

The device measures 6.5 inches x 3.3 inches x 1.2 inches and allows you to toggle between the two operating systems with just a tap of the stylus on the touch screen.

In addition, this little dynamo contains not one but two processors, a 1.5 GHz Via C7-M and a 400 MHz Intel PXA263.

The five-inch screen offers 800 x 480 resolution, and its battery life is three to eight hours with continuous use.

The device features 802.11 and Bluetooth wireless connectivity; two USB 2.0 type A ports and one USB Type B port; 40G of shared hard drive space; 1G of DDR2 memory; and 1G of flash memory.

A mini-VGA port allows you to connect a monitor, projector or other VGA-suppoarted device, and we loved the inclusion of a full-sized stowaway keyboard that solves the data-entry problem posed by pen-based, touch-screen devices.

The DualCor cPC costs $1,500.


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