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FCW.com’s most-read stories

The following is a list of the 10 most popular stories on FCW.com in the first quarter of 2006. Many of the stories were published in 2005. You can find links to all of these stories on FCW.com Download’s Data Call at www.fcw.com/download.

1. ”10 hot companies to watch”
Sept. 5, 2005
This year’s list of government vendors tapped key growth areas in an uneven market.

2. "Meet me in cyberspace”
Sept. 12, 2005
With these Web collaboration tools, you don’t need big travel budgets.

3. ”Smart Shoppers: 5 things handheld buyers need to know”
July 17, 2005
Mobile workers want technologies that simplify their lives, but the handheld device market has become anything but simple.

4. ”Making movies”
Aug. 15, 2005
Adding video to your agency’s Web site is easier and more useful than you think.

5. ”Cheap, but loaded with functionality”
Jan. 9, 2006
Price and features make Sun Microsystems’ software an alternative to Microsoft Office.

6. ”Computer forensics: Donning your detective hat”
Nov. 14, 2005
Computer forensics experts keep busy as more wrongdoing occurs online.

7. ”Asset management on the move”
Dec. 12, 2005
The same software makers that specialize in desktop PC asset management are answering the call for software dedicated to mobile devices.

8. ”Mission Impossible: Printing in the Digital Age”
Jan. 23, 2006
GPO faces a mission that it has no choice but to accept: remain viable in an era in which traditional printing is disappearing.

9. ”Mandylion takes password tokens to next level”
Nov. 21, 2005
Policy Master 2.0 offers more efficient management.

10. ”Web extra: Managing mobility”
Dec. 12, 2005
Asset management packages can help administrators keep track of portable devices.

CIA’s most-searched phrasesLest you forget that search engines are tracking the terms you use, the following represents the most frequent phrases used to search for documents on the CIA’s Freedom of Information Act Web site recently.

The number of times a search phrase was entered is in parenthesis. The CIA’s site notes that these are not phrases entered into third-party search engines used to find this site but rather reflect phrases entered into the search engines on the CIA site.

Find a link to the CIA’s FOIA Web site on FCW.com Download’s Data Call at www.fcw.com/download.

  • Soviet analysis (2,064)

  • UFO (1,650)

  • Iran (799)

  • PBSUCCESS (780)

  • Iraq (709)

  • Area 51 (661)

  • Assassination (645)

  • Top secret (635)

  • Vietnam (616)

  • El Salvador (581)

  • Bay of Pigs (579)

  • Cuba (544)

  • Guatemala (533)

  • Mind control (528)

  • Vietnam War (508)

  • Italy (472)

  • China (428)

  • Korea (424)

  • National intelligence estimate (421)

  • Soviet space (411)

  • Kennedy (391)

  • Afghanistan (383)

  • Soviet (363)

  • India (338)

  • Israel (294)


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