Online extra | Federal Health Architecture gets Version 1.0 ready for release

The Federal Health Architecture, established in June 2003 as a Line of Business, aims to align federal health IT investments with the president’s health IT plan.

The National Coordinator for Health IT in the Health and Human Services Department manages the FHA, which is part of the Federal Enterprise Architecture. HHS and the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments are the lead partners.

To date, the federal partners released the FHA Version 1.0, which aligns with the administration's health IT plan. As a result of the alignment, the FHA broadened its scope beyond supporting federal health IT needs to create a framework that would be interoperable not only within the federal environment but also between public and private sectors. The FHA also identified gaps and follow-up activities in food safety import, provided feedback on the Health Level 7 standards organization functional model and developed agency alignment guidelines.

The managing partners next plan to document business processes and information exchanges, integrate security and privacy requirements, establish interoperability standards.

FHA is focusing on:
  • Providing federal expertise and experience in support of the president’s health IT plan through participation, policy coordination and leveraging federal systems investments
  • Implementing the president’s health IT plan through the federal agencies, in alignment with the Federal Enterprise Architecture, through adoption of standards, certified applications and the protection of patient privacy
  • Coordinating with federal agencies to develop effective capital planning activities, and to invest in and implement interoperable health IT.

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