Web site emulates MySpace for feds

The Council for Excellence in Government has launched a social Web site intended to give federal employees an equivalent to social sites such as MySpace and Facebook. Called YoungFeds, the new site targets federal employees young than 35, providing them a place to meet, trade information and advance their careers.

To supplement the online interaction, YoungFeds will offer ways to organize off-line social events, too.

“YoungFeds.org will be the place for the next generation of public service leaders to share, interact and get ahead, in the public interest.” said Patricia McGinnis, president and chief executive officer of the Council for Excellence in Government, in a statement announcing today's launch.

“We expect the infectious ingenuity of this network to multiply as word spreads about what it means to be a young fed," she added.

Until recently, young federal employees had few opportunities for forming networks, either socially or professionally. In 2003, Megan Quinn and Steve Ressler began organizing informal happy hour events that grew into an organization called Young Government Leaders. The reason YGL grew quickly, according to its creators, is that, at the time, younger federal employees had almost nothing else to fill its role.

Insurance company Geico is co-sponsoring YoungFeds with the council. Tony Nicely, Geico’s chairman, president and chief executive officer, said that to engage young people and interest them in working for the government, "we’ve got to meet young people were they are, and that’s on the Internet."

The site features blogs, video, articles, commentary and opportunities for participants to add content.


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