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They said it
Federal Bytes, a column that ran in Federal Computer Week for many years, reported some of the lighter moments in the federal information technology community’s history. In looking back at stories the magazine published in the past 20 years, we came across these Federal Bytes from 1998.

Gray areas
The Commerce Department deputy chief information officer, Alan Balutis, spoke at the Federal Sources breakfast, opening his speech by thanking the company for airbrushing the gray from his hair in the photo advertising the event. He revealed that he has been coloring his hair, not with the anti-graying product Grecian Formula but with “a new product called Dorian Gray,” which adds gray color to the hair. Balutis said he decided to go gray when he noticed how “women flock to Tom Hewitt and Bob Golas,” IT industry veterans who sport gray locks.
— Feb. 2, 1998

Hill freezes over
After perhaps the warmest winter in recent memory, Washington, D.C., was hit with bitter-cold weather last week. Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.), speaking to an information technology industry group last week, remarked that he could tell how cold it was simply by looking at his colleagues on Capitol Hill. And just how cold was it? “It was so cold up there, congressmen had their hands in their own pockets,” Davis said.
— March 16, 1998

Performance tool

In response to a question about forcing agencies to reprogram their funds to fix Year 2000 problems, Ed DeSeve, the acting deputy director for management at the Office of Management and Budget,…[said] that he worked for the new, kinder and gentler OMB. “We give out Hammers now; we don’t use them,” DeSeve said, referring to the National Partnership for Reinventing Government (formerly the National Performance Review) Hammer Awards that are given to agencies that improve the efficiency of their operations.
— May 4, 1998

Desktop senator
Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W. Va.) cast his 15,000th vote as a member of Congress this month to a standing ovation from his colleagues on the Senate floor. Among his compatriots who seized upon the occasion to honor Byrd was Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.), who compared Byrd to a computer. Lautenberg, who said he worked in the computer business before entering the Senate, said Byrd could serve as a model for anyone who wanted to design a computer with “a vast memory, quick response and developed intelligence, not artificial at all but real.”
— May 18, 1998

Back to today: AFFIRM’s new leaders
AFFIRM named new officers for 2007-2008.
  • President — Chris Niedermayer of the Agriculture Department.
  • Vice president — Jacquelyn Patillo of the Transportation Department.
  • Co-vice presidents for programs — Peg Hosky of Hosky Inc., Pool Roy of Vencal Global Systems, Lesley Field of the Office of Management and Budget and Peter Tseronis of the Education Department.
  • Co-secretaries — Ed Reniker of the General Services Administration and Rosemarie Franz of REZ Associates.
  • Co-treasurers — Gary Washington of the Food and Drug Administration and Leslie Barry of GTSI.

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