Letter: Read ID holds real promise

Regarding “Want to fly? Get Real ID”: Good article. I agree with Real ID, and I think the states should be forced to update the relating databases and clean them up. They also need to secure them properly. Saying it is money is no excuse. We have many state pork bellies in just about every state. The state rulers -- i.e. governors, etc. -- might have to cut back on their parties a bit and cut some of their fat to get important systems/databases up to par. Use the talent already on staff to help with the securing and upgrades.

If states tighten welfare budgets and restrict who actually needs or gets welfare, that could help with the budget, too. Welfare and other programs are important and needed but often abused due to too many cases and not enough proper oversight.

I say run the budget like they would their own household budget by scrutinizing how the money is spent and being accountable for it to the people of the state. Responsibility and accountability are lacking in our country at all levels and we need to make efforts to improve those qualities. How can people tighten their wallets when they see how our government -- state, local and/or federal -- handles our money. Attitudes are contagious, good or bad. So are habits!

Just like the 2001 terrorist attacks happened, other things can happen if we don't take responsibility and start somewhere. Just like a good old-fashioned GI party or spring cleaning, we need to clean up our state and local budgets, databases, systems, etc., now, before it is too late! Real ID can only enhance or improve our efforts, and we need to start somewhere then work the kinks out as we come across them. Nothing is perfect, but something is better than nothing.

It burns me to pay my hard-earned money for a foreign national who won't pay allegiance and become a patriotic U.S. citizen the legal/correct way. My grandparents came here the right way and applied for citizenship, became law-abiding, taxpaying American patriots who knew their allegiance to the United States meant hope and promise for generations. They did not expect nor receive a handout. Oh, and yes, they had to speak American English as soon as they were allowed into the country off the boat they came in on. We were not forced to learn their languages -- they had to know ours.

I back the Real ID efforts 100 percent and know full well it will need some bugs worked out of it.


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