Letter: Collaboration in architecture programs helps to focus on outcomes

Regarding "OMB gives agencies method to measure EA value," a reader writes: [The Office of Management and Budget's chief architect Kshemendra] Paul states that the CIO Council and his office have formed interagency teams around segment architecture, EA performance management and investment management with a focus on execution. It is good to see the focus on execution. Many architecture programs have focused on the mechanics of EA and not on the outcomes.

In the recent article in the MIT Sloan Management Review "How to Tap IT's Hidden Potential" by Amit Basu and Chip Jarnagin, the authors say many companies fail to recognize the value of IT and that this [failure] is due to IT being separated from the rest of the business at most companies.

In our blog, I discuss how EA has a role in removing the wall by collaborating with the business to bring directional clarity and provide decision-quality information to other IT processes such as investment management and the evaluation of risk and return.

I couldn't agree more that a focus on outcomes is the right approach to improving the usefulness of EA within all of the IT disciplines. This will certainly improve mission clarity, integration with CPIC and the ability to execute.

Michael Rollings
Senior Analyst, Executive Advisory Program
Burton Group

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