Letter: Better integration of employees will help government stay competitive

Regarding "Report: 'Onboarding' helps retain employees": My entire career was in federal HR. The Day 1 experience of most new federal employees is miserable!  They must complete a ton of largely duplicative paperwork on their first day and then show up in their new managers office and...surprise...there in no available cube or phone or computer, etc.  "You couldn't get a user ID and password anyway because you have to complete security training and the first available slot is in two weeks." 

[Office of Personnel Management] published a spec for an EOD system capability in 1/2007 and a few companies like Monster and Northrop Grumman are developing EODs that match that spec.  THANK HEAVENS!  Now, the government might be in a better position to compete.


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Thu, May 22, 2008 M M

This post is priceless. Straight from the trenches and it shows how the Federal work environment is dysfunctional from the word go. That has to set a tone for the workforce. Imagine how much money the government spends on applications and IT and new federal employees are still filling out duplicative paperwork on their first day. I am hoping that in my lifetime they can fill out that data once via an internet interface before they get to their first day. Honestly, isn't most of the information needed about 80-90% the same for all agencies? Isn't most of it provided once already in the application process. (Maybe I shouldn't get into the application process.) I am hopeful that folks at OPM will see this employees post and start thinking outside the paper form. Surely we already spend enough to have the future now. And the savings to be had!

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