Reader comment roundup: Blogs, government competitiveness and more

Regarding "5 blogs worth reading": I thought I would share another blog that may be relevant to your audience.The INPUT B2G Exchange focuses on issues around the government's relationship with its commercial partners and addresses topics in federal, state and local government.
Kevin Plexico
Reston, Va.

Regarding "DOD moves to limit excessive pass-through costs": Here we see economic ignorance rearing it's ugly head again. One of these days Congress and government employees will understand that if they truly focused on allowing competition, then price will take of itself. Surely, government has cost itself more than it saves by trying to control "excessive" charges. What would government know about "excessive" anyway? I think this overreaching into contractor business, while ignoring more basic responsibilities (e.g., maintaining a competitive environment) is one of the biggest flaws in government operation today.

Regarding "Networx transition still slow": Right on track.  The conference did highlight the complex process of the Fair Opportunity Process for both large and small Agencies.  However, Karl Krumbholz from [the General Services Administration] did assure agencies that tools and resources were available for agencies to begin the process.

Regarding  "BIA begins phased reconnection to the Internet ":  Here we are in the eighth year of the 21st Century and [Bureau of Indian Affairs] communicated with Indian Tribes with outdated fax and type written letters or just plain verbal communications. Lots of important meetings were never attended by BIA officials especially in the fast pace construction projects. GOOD! they're getting their Internet — back.

Regarding "Bill to rehire retirees gets qualified support": I think that Congress should vote on H.R.82 to eliminate the offset altogether and repeal the government pension offset and windfall elimination provisions.  They already have 338 co-sponsors in the House and 36 in the Senate for S.R.206 for the same repeal.  What's the delay?

Regarding "FAA uses technology to speed air travel": Acting Administrator Robert Sturgell, I want to commend your ideas, NOT!
Let's see more planes in the air and fewer air traffic controllers, no where to land them, [and] running them closer together is a recipe for disaster. Not if, but when, it happens, we have you to thank!

The article, "How FDA can cure its IT woes,"only touches on one aspect of the IT problems. There are a number fundamental ones not covered by the author or by Dr. Kim.
Nan-Hua Chi
Federal Drug Administration

Regarding "Want to come home again?": Retired [Social Security Administration] employees would save the federal government millions of dollars [by] working part time answering the toll-free number and processing social security cards. 

Pass the bill and find out how much money it would save the federal government. Call all contact representatives and claims representatives back to work part time.
Loeda Jackson

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