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Mandatory public service with experience
Regarding "Poll: Should there be mandatory civil service?": Mandatory civil service could also help with the issue of low government pay for high quality and experienced employees. The civil service should be two or three years, and one of those years should be during one's 40s, when experience and competency are high.  Enough of this me-first forever crap.

Hope for more security
Regarding "Hawley: Secure Flight set to take off":  I think the weakness is the birth date, since we have no way to validate it.  I am sure terrorists will not forget to use their actual birth date and year.
Other than that, it should be more effective than the current system. It also is more fair to the airlines, since this type of check is a [government] job not theirs.

Do away with DHS
Regarding "Panel flags DHS transition fears": While I personally have no use for the Department of Homeland Security and would like to see it taken over by the Justice Department, I find this article interesting and in some strange manner reassuring.  As long as we must suffer, DHS, I would like to see fewer political hacks in command. I agree with the idea that these should be true professionals.

Trilogy project didn't fail
Regarding "GAO: FBI needs to refine cost controls for Sentinel": This article refers to "the failed Trilogy project." This is inaccurate in that two of the three Trilogy components were successfully deployed. The third, the Virtual Case File, didn't technically fail; it was scrapped because it became clear that there were better approaches not available at the inception of the program.

Call for efficiency
Regarding "What acquisition employees want": I am so glad Mr. Kempf is happy in his job.  I'll be happy when he and his agency can do their job more efficiently and effectively. Does that still matter? For example, when Mr. Kempf and his colleagues can get the Alliant contract awarded and functioning, his agency, its clients, industry, and the taxpayer will all be better off. That will be a time for more happiness.

Why create a TIC contract?
Regarding "GSA to add TIC to Networx contracts": This sounds like another wasted effort by [the General Services Administration] …why is GSA "selling" this to agencies when it is a directive. Is there real demand to buy [Trusted Internet Connections] service (whatever that it is) from a commercial provider when the [government] should be protecting themselves internally? Does GSA have a business case to justify the efforts to create a TIC contract?

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